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Meet Grace

Meet Grace

Exploring music is a source of healing and growth. I love music therapy because it has allowed me to pursue my passion while creating meaningful connections with clients.

I am most interested in working with adults in hospice care. I have always been an old soul and feel I would find greatest fulfillment in walking with individuals as they face the end of life. Additionally, I would like to continue my studies at a graduate level, studying vocal performance or liturgical music.

Alverno is a place where everyone feels like they belong. I loved that the moment I walked in, I was welcomed into the community. Alverno pushes you to go deeper to investigate out of curiosity and for further scholarship in each assignment.

I have served as the vice president of the Alverno College Music Therapy Student Organization. I also held office as vice president for the National American Music Therapy Association Student E-board. I regularly participate in Campus Ministry events, and have held clinical placements through my program with VITAS Hospice, Horizon Hospice and Music Therapy Services of Waukesha County. These experiences have taught me to effectively communicate, to best utilize my skills in new situations, and how to manage my time between school and my personal life.

Receiving financial assistance through scholarship has allowed me to fully dedicate myself to my schooling during the semester. Scholarship allows me to commit fully to my education and not just survive through each semester but thrive and explore the content provided to me. Thank you so very much for your continued support of our school and us students!

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