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Meet Samantha, Art Education Major

Meet Samantha, Art Education Major

I chose to become an art educator because art is all around us. I want to teach students how to make art and to identify art in the real world and apply it in their everyday lives.

I have grown in many ways since coming to Alverno. Before coming to Alverno, I was not comfortable giving speeches, and I did not have the confidence to lead. With help from my amazing friends and faculty, I have come out of my shell. Today I am confident, wiser and Alverno Strong. I cannot wait to see how I grow my senior year.

I've taken on leadership roles such as being president of a student group called Artourage. I have also become a peer leader for incoming freshmen and transfer students. I feel blessed to have been given this courage of womanly power that I plan to take with me as a future arts educator to empower my future students. I hold three employment positions on campus. I also volunteer once a month at the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization in Racine.

I plan to go for my masters in later years, but I'd like to work first. If the future lets me, I'd love to establish my own school or program that allows children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to have education suited for their needs.

Without the help of scholarship I would not be attending college today. I never thought I would be able to go to college, but my scholarship has made it possible.

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