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Meet Emily

Meet Emily

Growing up, I overcame so many of my emotional situations through art. Art allowed me to connect with myself and others around me in such a different way. It has inspired me and awakened who I really am. That experience was and continues to be life-changing the more I learn from and about art.

I always knew I wanted to be an art teacher. I hope that someday I can help others guide themselves through their art the way I have.

Alverno has one of the most innovative and hands on programs I have ever experienced. It is also one of the only schools in Wisconsin to offer an art education and art therapy double major, which is the career path I have chosen. My long-term goal is to get my master's in art therapy and to someday have my own practice.

Alverno has helped me to recognize me own worth and purpose within myself. Personally I think that is the most important area in my growth as it has allowed me to become more confident and extremely aware of myself and my surroundings. It has also help me grow exponentially in my educational growth and goals.

You start off day one at Alverno with everyone telling you it a community not a college. That is the truest statement.

I'd like to thank you for seeing purpose in my future and being a reason that someday I will be able to help so many people. You not only made a difference in my life but all the lives that I will get to work with someday.